Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Beautiful Snowy Sunrises

This card kind of reminds me of the scene I saw out my upstairs window yesterday morning. The sun was just coming up, and there was a beautiful dusting of snow across the valley. The trees especially were just gorgeous. the light was hitting them ever so perfectly as to highlight the snow, and with the blanket of snow over everything, it was just an amazing sight!

I kept the colors soft on this one, kind of monochromatic. It has glitter on it too, and I just love it!

I should start cleaning the house today in preparation for the party we are having at our house this Friday, but I really just don't feel well today still. It must be pretty bad if I can't decide whether I should stamp or go back to bed! Usually there would be no second option, stamping would win every time!

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JulieA said...

How very pretty!!! Love your touches of white. Merry Christmas, Blogging Buddy!