Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Is it wednesday already?

I just noticed the bow in my picture is crooked! LOL! oops! Well, it gives it 'character', right?

Well, I used the Delightful Decorations set and the ornament punch for this card.

Ok, I know, I am full of excuses, but I didn't get to all the things I wanted to do again this week. My husband was home sick for a couple days, and well, fellow wives, I am sure you can relate. The common cold also has the effect of reverting them back to childhood somehow...

I did however get one of my projects done, now I just need pictures of it!

On another note, I do have to say I am sad because we have tried just about everything, and my brand new My Digital Studio is still not working on my husbands computer. There is something (we can't figure out what) that is competing with the program, and the program just disappears off the screen after less than 5 minutes of use. I was hoping to start using it for a lot of different things in the next few weeks, but it looks like I am out of luck. Who knows, maybe I can convince my husband to get me an early Christmas present of a new computer (which I have been needing anyway!) and I will be able to use it on there! We'll see.........

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