Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I'll have a blue Christmas

I'm posting this card today #1 to hopefully give you inspiration, but also to highlight a little technique that I kind of came up with, but I am sure it has been done by somebody, somewhere. Seems like when I think I am so clever and come up with something, I will see someone else has done it too! heehee! Great minds think alike, I guess!

So the technique I used was to take a lighter colored cardstock (in this case, Soft Sky) then stamp an image in a coordinating darker color (Not Quite Navy) then highlight the whole picture with a white gel pen. (see photo) I also took a little bit of the darker blue color that I used for the image and lowlighted or shaded the areas like the stream and parts of the bridge, to give the whole image dimension. I have done a couple cards using this technique, and I might post a couple this week.

Well, update on My Digital Studio. Something on my husbands computer is causing problems with the program, so I we will have to try a few more things before I am able to get in there and use it. I know my husbands computer will support it, but honestly, he has a ton of stuff on it and something is conflicting with the program and causing it to shut off spontaneously after only using it for about 5 minutes. I really hope it all gets worked out, cause I am really looking forward to using it!

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