Thursday, September 17, 2009

Butterflies, Babies, and bummers.

This was one card I did for a special order. I know the picture is a little dark, sorry about that!

Well, I got it! It came to my door yesterday! I am just on the edge of my seat to begin using it, but I found out that my computer will not support it....But all is not lost!!
My husband's computer will, and he is going to allow me to put it on his. I eventually want to get a new computer for myself, we just have to finish paying his off first! :)
But in the meantime, now I have to wait until he gets home from work tonight for him to install it. I could do it myself, but he feels better if he can do it himself. So alas, I will have to report on it tomorrow!
I did, however, get new stamps in that same package! Woohoo! I will have to start make some cards with them and post them probably next week!
These are the sets I got:

Tree Trimmings
Cold & Cuddly
Two Cool Dudes
Love Bug
and a couple wheels.

Have I mentioned in the past that I am a nut for all things Christmas? Snowmen, Reindeer, and Snowflakes in particular. It borders on obsession! I actually make Christmas cards all year long. Even for all the Christmas cards I post, I still have tons more that I haven't posted!
Speaking of posting, I guess I should stop rambling and post this now!
See you all again tomorrow!

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JulieA said...

Adorable! Those butterflies look terrific with that DSP.