Monday, February 23, 2015

Creative Blog Hop!

Wow!! I was nominated by my DEAR friend and upline, Carrie Rhoades, to participate in a Creative Blog Hop! I'm so honored and excited!!

To do this, first I have to be nominated by another Stampin' Up! demonstrator. (done!) Thanks, Carrie! ;o)

Then, i have to post a project!

Here goes!

I was inspired by THIS ADORABLE CARD by Lisa Storms. Originally, i wanted to do a St. Patricks Day themed card, but it took a pleasant and unexpected turn...

Whaddya think?

The next fun part of the Creative Blog Hop is where I answer some questions about me...

1. What are you working on right now.

I am currently working on a Birthday suite, including invitations, signs, banners, decorations and games, for a client who regularly requests custom projects from me. It's a little tough, because she requested a specific movie theme, and i am finding it a challenge to come up with ideas, but little by little, it is coming together!

2. How does your style differ from others in your genre?

hmmm......well, i always like to describe my style as structured and deliberate. i am not the kind that can just kind of throw a lot of stuff down and end up with a gem of a project that is a feast for the eyes....although i wish i could!! haha! each part of my project in my mind has a purpose. every so often, i will have a happy accident (and sometimes NOT so happy accidents), but i usually spend more time trying to get things 'just right' than i probably should, but at least when i am finished, my ever so slightly OCD side is satisfied and i can sleep peacefully!

3. Why do you create what you do.

wow! This could encompass a lot! I do tend to create things that appeal to something inside me... So i guess i can say that each project i make is a little piece of me...a little window into who i am.

Stamping/papercrafting is almost like my therapy. it is my sanctuary in a crazy world. it is a wonderful creative outlet, something i have that is exclusively mine in a house that has been taken over by the other members of my family, and it gives me a sense of individuality, accomplishment and pride. Its my excitement and quiet time all in one. I also love the relationships i have created with other wonderful people who share the same love for the craft as i do!!

4. How does your creative process work.

Sometimes i will make projects using the guidelines at the Stampin' Royalty Challenge Site, of which i am administrator and Head Goddess. My nominator for this awesome Creative Blog Hop, Carrie Rhoades, is also a Goddess on the site... She makes AMAZING paper goodies! Along with all the other fabulous Goddesses! you should check it out and play along with us and visit Carries site!! you will be ooh-ing and aah-ing with each post!

Other times i am inspired by something i see, such as a card, color scheme, or picture, But a lot of times i will challenge myself to make things using either my newest stamps, OR some of my OLDEST products. that is why a lot of times you will see some really old supplies used in my cards along with some of the newer. i guess i like to make sure all my supplies feel loved ;o)

And of course, then there are the times i get specific requests, then i love going through my supplies to see how to best use them for the requested theme! it's like a little game for me!

Lastly, To end the Creative Blog Hop, I get to nominate another demonstrator to participate! So, I am nominating Stasia Sloma to be next in the Blog Hop! Not only has she had many of her creative projects published, but she is also one of the Stampin' Royalty Goddesses! Be sure to check out her blog and visit it on Monday, March 2nd for her post for the Creative Blog Hop!

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Susi Kelly said...

This is such a fun, colourful card! Love the heart-shaped "rain drops"

Carrie Rhoades said...

I LOVE that card Georgie! Great job. I love everything you create! You have such attention to detail and when you stamp I can see the joy in your face!