Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Return of the Stamper!

Hello, everyone!
Well, it's been a while, for sure! 
I've had many big shifts in my life the last few months, and am just now getting back to STAMPING!!! 
oh, how i've missed it... 
Today's card is extra fun, because the background paper was made by me! I used the Gel Press from FSJ to create it.... My bestie, Carrie, and i, are both in love with our Gel Presses! We can't stop making papers with it! We decided to do a paper swap with each other, and make cards with our favorites from the bunch and post the completed project! 
Here is card #1 (3 more coming!) using a piece that was made using bubble wrap and paint....

There are a few things i'd like to improve on this card, but it was good to get back into cardmaking... 

Ok, now you have to go to Carrie's blog and see what she made from her piece!!
Check it out HERE!!

1 comment:

Carrie Rhoades said...

I love the star die cut layer over the gel press background!!! But mostly I love doing a Gel Press swap with my bestie! (((HUGS)))