Friday, November 13, 2009

Let it Snow! (Any Time But Tonight!)

Gosh, the day is almost 'over' and I realized I haven't posted a picture yet today! I have been frantically preparing for my big event tomorrow, because I have more people coming that I initially thought, so I am rearranging my stamp room to accommodate them all! But it's a good thing!

Today's card is timely, because I hear we are expecting snow tonight! I normally LOVE snow, but I kind of wish it would hold off one more night! I want everyone to have a safe drive over here for the event! Fingers crossed!

Next week I should have one or two Thanksgiving cards to post, so you don't get sick of seeing my Christmas cards!
Have beautiful weekends, and I hope to 'see' you here again on Monday!

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JulieA said...

CUTE!!!!!! Very, very, cute!!!!!