Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Random Birthday card

My son (a teenager) is always saying "that was random" any time something either happens out of the blue or unexpectedly.

Well, I know I have been posting Christmas cards, and I have plenty more, believe me! but I had this card waiting to be posted for about a month, so I thought I would go ahead and post it so I can finally put it in my 'posted' folder on my computer.

This was one of those cards that I didn't really have a direction with and it just ended up done somehow.
I really wish I could get the hang of getting pictures of my cards, cause they always look better in person than they do on my computer screen!

Ok, I guess I am off on a trip to the dollar store to pick up a couple fall decorations for this weekends class!

Until tomorrow!

1 comment:

JulieA said...

Ooooo, how beautiful! Don't you just love it when a card just "happens"? Nice!