Thursday, October 15, 2009

Daily Musings

I seem to be in a reflective mood to day, so my blog will reflect my reflective mood!

I just watched the most beautiful sunrise this morning, and now I'm looking at a gorgeous sky filled with the coolest clouds and the blue-est sky!

The morning light is hitting the valley, highlighting every detail.

What a beautiful morning!

You know, I've seen other peoples cards that seem to have a 'style' to them. You can pick out their card in a crowd of cards, and they kind of know what their style is. I have thought about it many times.....what is my style? After much contemplation, I have decided that I don't really have a particular style, so to speak.
Now, that doesn't mean I don't go through phases, quite the contrary! But the reason for my phases, is because I will usually either come across a technique that I want to try and I use that for a while until I get comfortable enough with it, or something will just come to me and that will just be my 'thing' for a while until something else comes along.
I am also the kind of person that each and every card I make is unique. No two are ever alike. I have done a few that are similar, because I might have liked something about it that I wanted to do again, but they are all unique, and all different styles.
Like todays card. besides the cardbase, it is made entirely of scraps. Even the medallion was a leftover from another project last year!

So it seems my card style is as varied as my likes and dislikes. So don't be surprised when you see one style of card one day, and the next is a totally different direction!

If you want to see how my cards have gone through phases over the years, you can visit my splitcoaststampers gallery. It spans my entire cardmaking history!

Well, I could go on and on, but I will spare you!
Have a beautiful day, and notice all the wonderful little things in the world around you!

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