Thursday, September 25, 2008

A word from me

Well, I thought I had enough blog entries about business.....or should I call it pleasure? after all, the subject of stamping never seems like business! But as I was saying, I had so many entries about business, I should add one on a more personal level! So here it is!

I came to a conclusion today. I cannot be at my fullest creative potential unless I have my music playing in the background. Am I alone in that? or does any body else out there feel the same way? I also decided that if I had a day where I could just wake up and head to my scrap table and make stuff until it was time to go to sleep, I would be just fine with that. Oh stamping, what is this spell you have cast over me!

I am worn out tonight! I had to do some serious cleaning and rearranging of my 5 year old daughters room. She has a zillion stuffed animals, and of course she is attached to each in varying degrees. While she was away at kindergarten, I had the awful task of deciding which ones get to stay and which ones get to find new homes. That is a tough thing for a mother to do. But I have to say that I am proud of myself, for I was able to rid that room of 3 boxes of stuff animals and one box of misc. toys! hooray! I also took today to do my laundry and most of my major house cleaning. So unfortunately, I didn't get to stamp at all today, BUT! I told myself if I got it done today, I can take tomorrow to just stamp, stamp, stamp! Tomorrow can't come fast enough!

I will be posting more cards soon....we had an issue with our camera and it's at the camera doctor, so when I get it back, I will post one asap.

Ok, I have one more load of laundry to dry then I'm all done! Off I go!

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