Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Decor Elements Phase II

Our Decor Elements product line is an extension of our Definitely Decorative home décor line. Décor Elements is vinyl artwork for walls, mirrors, windows, or other hard, smooth surfaces.

Stampin' Up! has long advocated decorating your home using Definitely Decorative stamp sets. Décor Elements takes that same idea and uses a different medium to accomplish the same mission--making your home a beautiful representation of your style! Whether you want to spice up the walls of their house or frame a piece for display, Décor Elements is easy to apply, easy to love, and easy to remove.

Décor Elements Products
Stampin' Up! has incredible artwork that lends itself to beautiful home décor images. Our artwork really stands out when you see it on a wall, a mirror, or a window.

Décor Elements images also coordinate with our existing products. We brought you Two-Step Stampin', so why not two-step and three-step wall art that will really catch your customers' attention in our exclusive colors? For example, our Ginormous Flowers Décor Elements has multi-colored images create by two- and- three-step vinyl application.

There are some great new designs in Phase II! So many possibilities!

If you are interested in seeing the entire brochure including Phase I, contact me, and I can send you a PDF of the entire thing!

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