Thursday, July 8, 2010

Return of the Blogger!!

Wow, I've been gone a long time! Sorry about that, Ever since my son graduated high school over a month ago, we have been very busy at our house! Trips out of state, church stuff, taking our daughter to all kinds of different places to keep her entertained while out of name it!
Anyway, I have missed posting lots of cards that I have made recently. So instead of waiting another year for these to come back into "season" I will just go ahead and post them anyway!

Here is a Fathers Day card I made using the King of the Grill set, some retired paper, and the Fathers Day stamp from All Holidays Stamped in Close to Cocoa. I used markers to color in the image.

Glad to be back, have lots to post! Check Back!

Oh, P.S., I have been wanting to make some of my cards available to purchase, but don't want to go through Etsy (fees, and maintenance of a 'store' you know.) to do it. I was wondering if I made a way to have a link to the cards available, if anyone would be interested in buying them that way? Just curious, thought I would give it a try....never know unless you try, right?

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