Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The card that almost wasn't

This card gave me so much trouble! I came so close to just chucking it! I started off by stamping the butterflies from Flight of the Butterfly onto a plain white cardbase, and I didn't care for the colors at first, then I added the flowers, and I realized everything I stamped so far didn't sit on the paper like I wanted it to, it was kind of off-balance. So then I thought I would cut it and use it as a panel. So after I cut it, it was still off balance, so I decided to push the piece all the way to the upper right corner, leaving only a band of color on the side and bottom. Ok, I liked that, but it still needed something. So I stamped the sentiment, but that stamped too high! I then added black with a pen on the butterfly bodies and around the edge of the white and while doing that, the pen slipped and I made a mark on the white! It was at this point I was ready to just throw it away. Then I wondered if maybe I could just add another line and make it like a vine.........hmmmmmmm........THEN I tried to add shadows to the butterflies, and in doing so, I messed up the yellow one! Argh! Lastly, in hopes of salvaging all this work, I added glitter just on the polka dots of the butterflies. Sigh. Still not satisfied with it, but I thought It would at least make for a good blogging story! And to top it off, I even had trouble placing my watermark on the picture! There really wasn't a good place to put it! Argh! Well, I sent this card to my mother in law for her birthday... I hope she likes it!

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JulieA said...

Well, for all of the trouble it gave you, I do like this card! How clever of you to rescue it so many times and in such wonderful ways. BTW, I have 2 watermarks - one white and one black with a white center. Saves a lot of hassles.