Wednesday, October 25, 2017


Here is card #4, the last of my Gel Press Swap cards!
I love the pop this background paper has!
I had really been wanting to use my Heroes Unite stamp set from FSJ, and this background paper was begging to be paired up with it... Notice how this card is geared towards girls! yahoo!! 
This was pretty fun to put together... just elements carefully placed, and voila! 

This is my favorite of all the Gel Press Swaps i did...

Now take a little trip on over to my bestie and swap buddy, Carrie Rhoades blog and see what she made with her piece!! 

Monday, October 16, 2017

So Sweet!

Here is card #3 using one of the papers from the Gel Press Print swap with my bestie, Carrie! 
I received this one in the stack she sent me... isn't the background paper divine?? 
I loved the honeycomb feel of the pattern and colors, so of course i had to use the Hey Honey set from FSJ!
The background paper was so awesome, i didn't want to cover it up with a large panel, so i just stamped, colored, then cut out, the elements, and adhered them to the card. I stamped the bee directly on the paper, and added a bit of Silks on the wings to give it some shimmer. I also used Journey Glaze on the honey to make it look 3 dimensional.
Fun card to make, and it all began with an awesome Gel Press Print!!

Since both Carrie and i made a card using this same paper, you simply MUST go check out her creation to see what she came up with! She always makes the cutest things!!
Check it out HERE!!

Friday, October 13, 2017

Naturally Simple

Wow! Two posts in one week! 
Here is the second card for the Gel Press Paper Swap
 that my bestie Carrie Rhoades and i did last week! 
I was just playing with some acrylic paints, using some browns and tans, and it turned out looking like woodgrain! I was so very pleasantly surprised!!
I wanted the paper to do most of the talking on this one, so i kept the embellishments very simple, and in fact, i 'went green' by using an element that came from some gift wrapping that Carrie had given me a few weeks ago!!
The doily was also placed in the gel press with some green and gold colors, and the whole card face panel was splashed with some FSJ silks to give it some sparkle and shine! Lastly, i added a few gold pearls. Very simple and pared down. I wish the picture could pick up how nice it actually is in person.

NOW you have to hop over to Carrie's page to see what she made with her piece!!!
Check it out HERE!!
(This is so much fun!!)

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Return of the Stamper!

Hello, everyone!
Well, it's been a while, for sure! 
I've had many big shifts in my life the last few months, and am just now getting back to STAMPING!!! 
oh, how i've missed it... 
Today's card is extra fun, because the background paper was made by me! I used the Gel Press from FSJ to create it.... My bestie, Carrie, and i, are both in love with our Gel Presses! We can't stop making papers with it! We decided to do a paper swap with each other, and make cards with our favorites from the bunch and post the completed project! 
Here is card #1 (3 more coming!) using a piece that was made using bubble wrap and paint....

There are a few things i'd like to improve on this card, but it was good to get back into cardmaking... 

Ok, now you have to go to Carrie's blog and see what she made from her piece!!
Check it out HERE!!

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Frozen Invitation Ideas Request from a Reader

Hello, everyone! 
Today's post is a little different...
I had a request from a very kind reader for some ideas for a DIY invitation for a Frozen themed birthday party...
Unfortunately, i have a lot of things that have been taking most of my usual crafting time, and i am unable to spend a lot of time coming up with a concept of my own, 
HOWEVER, i did do a quick search online for some good ideas, and i found several beautiful inspirations that i will share with you here! 

Here are a few of my favorites!
I've posted links to each source, so be sure to visit these pages and give them support for their creations! 
Disclaimer: I am only offering these images and links for inspiration only!!
I've tried to include ideas from easy to advanced.... and i will give little tips on how you can achieve something similar of your own! 

You can make an invitation similar to this using an e-cutter, or edge dies. This type of invitation would require more work, and papercrafting expertise, not to mention supplies. But would make a stunning, unforgettable invitation sure to impress!
Visit Page here:

The design of this card set is really cute... To make one similar, you would need to print the inside invitation, emboss each outer wrap, print, then punch out each circle image, Die Cut (or use e-cutter) the snowflakes to layer behind the circle image, then wrap the invitation with a strip of colored paper and sparkle ribbon.
It can be a bit of work, and you would have to have the supplies to make it with, but would make a memorable invitation!

For this one, it would be easy to have the main invitation panel printed from an inexpensive resource such as Vistaprint, or even from your own computer, you would have to design the wording and images yourself, but once you have done that, the rest is easy!
Once Printed, you can add your own sparkle touches with glitter and layer the white panel on a blue cardbase, and add a snowflake embellishment, or possibly some inexpensive
 rhinestones to the card for an extra touch! 
I love how the envelope in the picture has a sparkle band around it. 
If you wanted, instead of a square card, you can make a standard size and wrap the ribbon around the lower portion of the invitation instead. I've seen some really beautiful ribbon that would work perfectly for this project! Find a quality ribbon and buy a spool using a good coupon, and this is a very cost effective, yet beautiful option that would only require a moderate amount of work and supplies! 
Visit Page Here:

The easiest, most cost effective, and quickest method, would be to use a pre-designed invitation, or to create your own digital design and have them printed.  To add a personal touch, maybe a little glitter, ribbon, or a rhinestone or two, just to give it a personal touch!
Visit the Etsy Shop of this Designer: